RSM Machinery Co.,Ltd.

RSM Machinery is an international supplier focus on the sheet metal equipment and the solution.

Our offer includes CNC press brake, laser cutting machine, shearing machine, busbar machine, , fastener insertion machine, notcher machine, power press, production line as well as other different kinds of machine tooling and accessories.

What we are

-RSM offer you the preferential price and also professional service and technical support.

-We make the most reasonable modular and the specialized solution for your own productions.

-We are committed to create one-stop Chinese sheetmetal solution export base platform by network platform, VIP customer, product showroom.


-Professional sheet metal sourcing partner

-Buffet mixed salad whole solution

-Famous factory Shanghai international representative office

-Attractive Price

-Guarantee quality


-Help customers take very little time and effort to find the most suitable products easily.

-We respond quickly to customers and communicate effectively with them, which aims to make you find what you need as soon as possible.

-As a buyer′s representative and partners, we avoid simply pursuit of short-term interests. We kown much about who has the advantage of specific technical. We give you sound advice.

We are your bridge to China, once you have decided, RSM will be your consultants and negotiators!
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