Shanghai Taole Machine Co., Ltd.

Shanghai TAOLE MACHINE Co., Ltd is a Leading professional Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter of a wide variety of weld preparation beveling machine for metal processing. Our main prouduts including

1) plate/metal beveling machine

2) plate edge milling machine

3) CNC edge milling machine

4) Metal slag removal machine

5) Metal Edge rounding machine

6) pipe beveler tool

7) Pipe cutting and beveling machine

Our beveling machines are widely used in Steel Construction, Shipbuilding, Aerospace, Pressure Vessel, Petrochemical, Oil & Gas and all welding industrial manufacturing. Having brands "TAOLE" for international market with standard and customized machines as per requirements...We export our products in more than 50 markets including Australia, Russia, Asia, New Zealand, Europe market, etc. As well setting agents and wholesalers in all over the world, We make huge contributions to improve the efficiency on beveling and milling for weld preparation.

As a professional manufacture in China, We feel proud to be credentialed with ISO 9001: 2008, CE Certificate and SIRA Certification, which is an evidence of how well we produce our machines. With production team, development team, shipping team, sales and aftersales service team for customer assistance.

Our machines are well accepted with high reputation in both domestic and overseas markets since we are working in this industry from 2009. With more than 10 years′ experiance, Our engineer team keep developing and updating machine based on energy saving, high efficiency, safety purpose from first generation till now forth generation. With various machine models for customers′ option can almost meet all the beveling request for welding industry with high performance.

Year 2000, Start studying on beveling machine and build up the engineer team

Year 2002, Start manufacture for plate beveling machine with GBM-C series, Like model GBM-6A, GBM-12A, GBM-16A

Year 2004, Machine update to GBM-B, Model GBM-6B, GBM-12B, GBM-16B

Year 2006, Start turnable beveling machine like model GBM-12B-R, GBM-16B-R

Year 2009, Machine update to GBM-C, Like model GBM-6C, GBM-12C, GBM-12C-R, GBM-16C, GBM-16C-R

Year 2012, Start GMMA series plate edge milling machine, original model GMMA-60S, GMMA-80A

Year 2013, More GMMA plate edge milling machine models like GMMA-60L, GMMA-60R, GMMA-25A-U

Year 2014, GBM series update to be GBM-D, model GBM-6D, GBM-6D-T, GBM-12D, GBM-12D-R, GBM-16D, GBM-16D-R

GMMA series models GMMA-60S, GMMA-60R, GMMA-60R, GMMA-25A-U, GMMA-80A

Year 2015, Stationary plate beveling machine GMMA-20T, GMMA-30T

Year 2016, Start on GMM-V CNC plate beveling machine, model GMM-V1200, GMM-V2000

Year 2017, GMMA-25A-U stoped production.

Year 2018, New model GMMA-100L specially for heavy duty plate thickness upto 100mm

Year 2019, GMMA-60R stoped production. GMMA edge milling machines and GBM beveling machines updated every year to improve Quality

GMMA-80R start bulk production and hot selling in market.

Year 2020, Having new models GMMA-100U, GMMA-100D, GMMA-100K, GCM-R3TAR, Start production for CNC plate beveling machine like model GMM-V/X3500, GMM-V/X 4000, GMM-V/X2000, All the GMMA edge milling machine with auto clamping system.

GDM-256D Metal slag removal machine start marketing

Year 2021, Update New Machine with Remote Control panel option with new model GMM-60SY, GMM-60LY, GMM-80AY, GMM-80RY, GMM-100LY in marketing.

Our mission is "QUALITY, SERVICE and COMMITMENT". Provide the best solution for customer with high quality and great service.
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