Zhangjiagang Runtai Machinery Co., Ltd.

Zhangjiagang Runtai Machinery Co. Ltd. Is a limited liability company (with natural investment or holding) headquartered in Zhangjiagang, engaged in the professional production and processing of metal forming equipment, chamfering machines, circular sawing machines, gear grinding machines, pipe bending machines, aluminum cutting machines and other products, with the complete and scientific quality management system. The integrity, strength and quality of products of the company have been recognized in the industry. Welcome the friends from all walks of life to visit our company for guidance and business negotiation.

Zhangjiagang Runtai Machinery Co. Ltd. Is located in Jiangnan Watertown - Zhangjiagang City with beautiful scenery, mainly engaged in the production and sales of various types of pipe and profile processing and forming equipment, such as: Dual-head chamfering machines, single-head chamfering machines, full-automatic chamfering machines, hydraulic chamfering machines, pneumatic chamfering machines, NC chamfering machines, CNC full-automatic 3D pipe bending machines, NCMP economical 3D semi-automatic pipe bending machines, NCBT automatic hydraulic pipe bending machines, NCB pipe bending machines, NC single-head automatic hydraulic pipe bending machines, NC dual-head automatic hydraulic pipe bending machines, manual pipe cutting machines, semi-automatic pneumatic pipe cutting machines, semi-automatic hydraulic pipe cutting machines, full-automatic feeding pipe cutting machine, single-head chamfering machines for pipe fittings and pipe ends, dual-head chamfering machines for pipe fittings and pipe ends, pipe fitting and pipe end forming machines, automatic hydraulic pipe contracting machines, automatic hydraulic pipe expansion machines, automatic hydraulic pipe bending machines, automatic hydraulic rolling machines, saw-blade gear grinding machine, aluminum profile cutting machines, automatic hydraulic arc-punching machines, riveting machines, high-speed steel circular saw blades, etc.

"Technology is the life, and product quality is the continuation of the life. " Over the years, the company, with the purpose of "adopting the leading technology as the tenet and the product quality as the goal", has been always adhering to the core philosophy of " to improve the product quality through science and technology and to enhance the enterprise image through cooperation" as the corporate culture, and continuing to expand the external contact to make the friends from various circles at home and abroad deepen the understanding for the company, to enhance the mutual friendship and extensive cooperation.
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