Creatingtec Industry Limited

We aim to delight our customers with a highly flexible low volume manufacturing service.

Creatingtec Industry Limited was started by two experienced engineers with an extensive background in precision machining and mold tool manufacture. With an initial investment in two CNC machines, we quickly expanded our manufacturing capabilities to include CNC machining, injection molding, and a fully equipped sheet metal fabrication shop in our 3000m2 manufacturing facility. And with customers from all over the world, we have amassed extensive experience in developing hardware and components. We have a wide range of experience producing parts and complete products with varying levels of complexity from many different industries.

This experience has enabled our team to develop in-depth knowledge when it comes to ensuring parts are made right the first time. Under our ISO9001 Quality Management System, we have developed robust and reliable procedures for managing projects. We have five inspectors that not only perform first-article, in-process, and final inspection, but they also work side by side with our shop floor staff to ensure that we meet our customers′ requirements.

16 CNC Machines

6 CNC Lathes

2 CNC Press Brakes

1 NC Sheer

4 Electric Discharge Machines

9 Injection Molding Machines

Optimal Projector


Hardness Tester
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