Wuhan Tianqi Laser Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Tianqi Laser is a world-famous metal laser cutting machine manufacturer which is specializing in R&D, manufacturing and selling of YAG and fiber laser cutting machine. Our group has our own import and export rights. We are the R&D Manufacturing Base of Hubei Province, Laser Optical Institute Listed Corporation of Hubei Province, Key High-Tech Enterprise of Hubei Province, Standing Committee Member of China Optical Society and R&D Base for China USTC Optoelectronics Postgraduates. We have strategic cooperation with Tianjin University, Hefei Optical Institute and other famous universities.


Tianqi Laser main product YAG laser cutting machine, fiber laser cutting machine, laser welding machine, laser marking machine, robot machine. More than 30 kinds of industrial laser products and so on. It has been widely used to manufacture sheet metal processing, metal processing, advertising, kitchen utensils, automobile, lamps and lanterns, saws blade, electrical switch gear, metal handicrafts, textile machinery, food machinery, glasses manufacture, aerospace, medical equipment, meters and so on...Especially in sheet metal processing industry has replaced the traditional processing method, deeply industry users favor.

Tianqi Group′ S newest development of six series fiber metal laser cutting machine is in the leading position in China, it has excellent beam quality, high conversion efficiency, fast cutting speed and low cost, strong mobility, suitable for various flexible cutting processing.

Design Features

Tianqi Laser, through continuous self-development, has developed the laboratory device into a 24-hour stable operation laser processing equipment. We have our own patent technology of ND: : YAG laser.


In order to guarantee the performance and quality of our products, Tianqi Laser strictly controls all processes, including processing, assembly and delivery.


Tianqi Laser has established 28 domestic offices and 6 office abroad, resident marketing team and technical service personnel, to provide comprehensive pre-sale, sale and after-sale support and service.

In 2008, Tianqi Group became the Long-term OEM Supplier for the US McQuay Company, JP Daikin Corporation, Wuhan Iron and Steel Company and many other multinational companies. Each year, there are products worth $40 million are exported to 78 countries worldwide...

Now for the company continuously developing, we are looking for an agent with the high quality products, perfect mechanism, competitive price and good platform. We will provide the agent for perfect training and support, including technical service and target market analysis.
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