Ningbo Gian Chiyang Tech. Co., Ltd.

Ningbo Gian Chiyang Tech Co., (Sofine Tech) is an excellent designer, manufacturer and marketer of innovative Metal Injection Molding(MIM), Titanium alloy Injection Molding and Ceramics Injection Molding(CIM) for the worldwide market.

We specialized in the research and development of powder injection molding products, providing large quantities of various ferrous-based and stainless steel structural parts, functional components and appearance components with high precision, complex shape, good mechanical properties and delicate appearance to meet various customers′ needs. Following a growing demand for the incorporation of component in technology, Ningbo Gian Chiyang Tech has entered the arena of planning and producing and solutions for all types of industry. Our best engineers will solve specific problem.

Ningbo Gian Chiyang Tech maintains a process-oriented, integrated management system that complies with the following standards and regulations with regard to quality, the environment and health and safety: ISO9001, QC080000, ISO14001 etc. Ningbo Gian Chiyang Tech is striving toward excellence and continuously improve product quality, response speed, customer service and our competitiveness in the market.
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