Wuhan Irivet Machinery Co., Ltd.

Wuhan Irivet Machinery Co, . Ltd. Is a high and new technology enterprise that have technical cooperation with the United States company. As a leading manufacturer of riveting machines in China, currently we operate the brands of common riveting machine "IRIVET" and high-class riveting machine "RMMIC", which products of "IRIVET"and "RMMIC" have been covering all fields of riveting machine processing.

Company concept: "Innovation Technology, Humanity Design, Operational Reliability".

We hired several professors and experts of riveting machine and automation industry, specializing in Common riveting machine and CNC automatic riveting machine, Heavy duty riveting machine and Fully automatic production line, etc. Our company has developed many national patents and proprietary technology, aimed at international industry at the forefront of product research and development continously.

On humanized designing, the concept " multi-functional" riveting machine put forward by the founder of company is implemented. The product JM series has comprehensive upgrade for multi-function riveting machine, synchronize light touch integrated electronic control humanized equipment for excellent customers experience.

In order to ensure the reliability of the equipment, the equipment quality control system is strictly much than other riveting machine enterprise, the assurance measures include 24 hours oil assembly testing, 2 hours running inspection before shipment. Additionally we will provide on-site service within 48 hours for urgent situation, we promise one year free to change if quality issues and two years free warranty for customers.

Our main products are series of pneumatic or hydraulic Radial riveting machine which they include desktop, vertical, horizontal, flooring types, pneumatic or hydraulic Orbital riveting machine, Rivet-less riveting machine, Self-piercing riveting machine, CNC riveting machine, Rolling machine, Auto-feeding riveting machine, Fully Automatic riveting production line, Special purpose riveting machine (customized)which is used to process hub-bearing, chassis ladder, engine cap, aircraft brake etc.

Wuhan Irivet Machinery Co., Ltd. Has been verified by ISO9001: 2000 Quality System Certification, simultaneously company′s Quality Assurance System is established according to the standards of QSC. All processes and operations including production designing, material selection, whole machine assembly, operation testing, stores inventory, sales and after-sales service are in accordance with the standards of Quality Assurance System management. The whole production process is closely monitored.

Irivet has delivered over 7, 000 assembly machines and custom assembly systems to a wide range of customers and industries around the world, over 50 countries and regions, including US, UK, Japan, France, Italy, Germany, India, Poland, Brazil, Argentina and Malaysia etc.