Wuxi Longting Machinery Co., Ltd.

Since 1993 when the factory was established, Longting Machinery has passed through many winters and summaries. During this time, under leadership of managin director Mr. Zhou Xiaodong, all staff and workers worked hard and kept resemrching and innovating to pursue the perfect quality so that all kinds of precision nail making and wire drawing machines were produced professionally.

Basing on the enterprise principle of keeping improving and the service philosophy of consumerism, the sales network of Longting Machinery spreads out many countries in Europe, Asia, Africa and South America and approved by the international market. Not pasuing on this achievement sourced from many years hard work, we still keep on breakthrough and pursue improvement under the industrial environment that the products changes quickly and the production technology keeps on innovation.

Longting Machinery provides two big sorts of products for the wire material process industry in our country. One sort is the nail making machinery, which is suitable to make all sizes of coil nail, paper raw nail, plastic raw nail, common steel nail, shaped nails such as oil rivet nail, corrugated nail, double cap nail, U-type nail, twist nail and ring strip nail, etc. Another sort is the wire drawing machinery. Which is suitable to draw and pull all sorts of low, MID and high linear carbon steel and color metals such as brass and aluminum.

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