Guangzhou Sunbo Technology Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou Sunbo Technology Co., Ltd. Locates in Guangzhou, China. Our parent company Sunbo & Co., Ltd. Was founded in 1980s in Hong Kong and has been focusing on industrial fasteners for the past over 30 years. Now, with our own manufacturing operation based in Guangdong Province in China, we are ready to introduce our Qualicoil® Thread insert, tangless insert, self-tapping insert and key-locking insert etc...To our customers overseas.

We also manufacture for our customers OEM fasteners, CNC precision machine parts, aluminium die-casting parts etc...

Our products mainly include following series:

1. Screw thread inserts

2. Tangless inserts

3. Self-locking inserts

4. Self-tapping inserts

5. Key-locking inserts

6. Thread repair set

7. STI taps

8. Installation tools for inserts

9. OEM engineered products

10. Other industrial fasteners

11. CNC precision machine parts

12. Aluminium die-casting parts

With China fast development in high precise fasteners, CNC machinery parts, automotive accessories over these years, our company also boost in our business. We have been supplying to fasteners to aerial fields, high speed train industry, automotive part production industry and other high precision die casting aluminium industry and receive good reputation in the line.

With rapid development in domestic market, we have also been exporting to different countries in the world. Our advantage is that aid with our advanced machinery and inspection equipment, our products have meet lots of international standard in the line, also we can customize strictly according to requirements from our clients all over the world.

To lead the industry in relative special field, bring our clients with China high tech products, is always our aim and the way to strive for!