Hefei Lujiang Chenchr Industrial Furnace Factory

Hefei LuJiang Chenchr Industrial Furnace Factory is a engaged in research, development, design, supply all kinds of heat treatment equipment and technology services.

Chenchr industrial furnace technology as the guide, the introduction, absorption of today′s most new heat treatment process and design, manufacturing concept. Provide all kinds of professional equipment for heat treatment, heat treatment furnace, electric furnace, gas furnace, industrial furnace, industrial furnace, energy saving furnace, resistance furnace etc...The main products are: Mesh belt furnace, carburizing furnace, quenching furnace, tempering furnace, annealing furnace, roller furnace, vacuum furnace, box type furnace, salt bath furnace, sintering furnace, heating furnace, bell type furnace, industrial oven, normalizing furnace, trolley furnace, pit furnace, quenching oil groove, oven, furnace, muffle nitriding furnace, furnace, hot air circulation oven, blackening furnace, furnace, all kinds of automatic heat treatmentproduction line and furnace accessories.

Chenchr Industrial Furnace Based on covering Hefei, anhui. Provide local, personalizedand professional products and perfect technical service for each of the Anhui heat treatment enterprises, the technology is applied to the products and development of new products, improve product added value, to win the trust of users.

Chenchr industrial furnace is also Hangzhou Xiaoshan ZhongHui industrial electric furnace factory in Anhui area sales service center. The factory uses the ISO9001 quality certification system of modern management mode, the implementation of computer network management, adhere to the "science and technology, innovation, brand, service" as the principle, research and development with a variety of a variety of the world′s leading control automatic heat treatment production line, the formation ofvarious fields of series of products, high integration degree, with the leading domestic level.