Metallic Processing Machinery

Automatic Metal Deburring Finishing and Polishing Machine with Three Sand Nylon Wheel (600 mm)

Juhua Machinery Co. Ltd

    Base Info

    • Model NO.:JH-08C360-3S
    • Processing Width:Less Than or Equal to 600 mm
    • First Sand Main Motor Power:7.5 Kw
    • Second Sand Main Motor Power:7.5 Kw
    • Worktable Lift Motor Power:1.1 Kw
    • Conveyor Motor Power:3 Kw
    • Conveyor Belt Converter Power:3 Kw
    • Abrasive Belt Specification:Perimeter 1800* Wide 610 mm
    • Nylon Wheel Diameter* Width mm:250* 610
    • Specification:Long 2600 mm* Wide 1700 mm* High 2000 mm